Rent a FlyBoard - What to Expect

What to Expect

  • Do your Check-in for your Flyboard Session.
  • Meet your instructors.
  • Go through an equipment overview and flight instruction explanation.
  • Strap in and start your flight
  • Learn basic maneuvers, such as flying, hovering, diving underwater, 360’s, dolphin dive, etc.
  • Take a quick break for a couple minutes to rest, swap GoPro Locations (if applicable), and ask any questions.
  • We will take professional pictures and video from your flyboard session.
  • Finish up, dry off, book follow-up flight time, and grab your Memory Photo and Video Package! Head home with memories to last a lifetime.

What you should bring to your flight:

  • 1) Swim attire. We recommend wearing shorts.
  • 2) Towel(s).
  • 3) Dry Clothes to change into.
  • 4) Valid Photo ID

We provide a locker in our office - Free of Charge - to store your belongings and valuables in during your appointment. They are big enough for a small backpack, clothes, phones, etc. Remember that is not allowed to bring any cameras, phones or any other electronics into the boat for security reasons.

Your First Time Flyboarding images.